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It is my hope that my paintings will generate a reminiscent feeling in the viewer, to times gone by when life seemed simpler.  


I use layers to represent the layers of experiences that make up our lives…we are constantly evolving, accumulating and changing…almost like layers of paint on the graffitied wall…a little bit broken and torn, but still beautiful.  I hope to show a sense of vulnerability, of exposed glimpses of struggles, hopes and fears, whilst demonstrating the great beauty in imperfection and ageing.

The theme of my work is home and belonging, the colours inspired by childhood holidays and destinations yet to be discovered.  I am inspired by vintage posters and classic designs that have stood the test of time.  I love listening to music when I paint.  I admire the ability of the songwriter to evoke such a strong emotional response.  That is my painting dream and goal.

about me

A colourist

A recovering perfectionist (work in progress)

An abstractionist (there is enough reality in life)

A texturist (a bit rough around the edges)

A procrastinator (overthinker)

A dreamer (but I’m not the only one)


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